Yemen Partners Meeting: Setting the Humanitarian Context for Implementation

Yemen DRL Group

The DRL Yemen Partners Meeting: Setting the Humanitarian Context for Implementation convened in Amman, Jordan on 7-8 November 2018. Participants came from universities across Yemen, as well as Inter- national Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) (e.g., International Medical Corps, Search for Common Ground) that work within Yemen to help set the humanitarian context (social, economic, environmental, and infra- structure) for implementation of the DRL program in Yemen. The meeting provided an opportunity to review global DRL program efforts and investments over the last several years, and more importantly, to articulate and prioritize the most effective practices for strengthening disaster resilience leadership in Yemen.

 Meeting participants contributed to an improved understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Yemen to address three levels of change:

  • Individual: Strengthen existing disaster leadership capacity;
  • Organizational: Enhance organizational resilience; and
  • Systems: Develop a regional and global network of practitioners, faculty and facilitators to foster knowledge creation, exchange, collaboration, and resource-sharing.

Please click here for the report: IDFR Yemen Report