Mapping Somalia’s Innovation Ecosystem – Convening in Mogadishu

As part of GW/IDFR’s Response Innovation for Somalia Emergencies project, a convening will be held in Mogadishu tomorrow, 5th March 2018. The agenda for the program is found here for the event titled “​Mapping Somalia’s Innovation Ecosystem: Innovate for Somalia & Response Innovation for Somalia  Emergencies. The event is jointly held by Innovate for  Somalia (Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Planning, Investment and  Economic Development and the United Nations Development Programme) and  Response Innovation for Somalia Emergencies (RISE) (Somali Disaster Resilience  Institute (SDRI) and SomReP).

We seek to bring together actors engaged in innovation in Somalia to map  stakeholders and challenges, and begin to identify a pathway to build out the  innovation ecosystem to better support innovation.    The objectives of the day are to share knowledge of innovations, identify and  prioritise humanitarian challenges which present an opportunity for innovative  new approaches, to map the broader ecosystem of expertise and experience  engaged in innovation in Somalia, and to discuss identified gaps in the  ecosystem (such as financing for innovations).   The Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations Development  Programme in Somalia have launched the project “Innovate for Somalia,”  enabling Somali youth to develop innovative local solutions to tackle  development challenges and build​ social and economic ventures.

Response Innovation for Somalia Emergencies (RISE) is a research project  focusing the use of innovation to improve emergency response and resilience  programmes, implemented​ by The George Washington University’s Institute for  Disaster and Fragility Resilience, the Somali Disaster Resilience Institute, SomReP,  and the Response Innovation Lab, with support from the Office of U.S. Foreign  Disaster Assistance​ (​OFDA​)​.